1 to 1 personal training in Fulham. The PilatesPT studio is an award-winning, private 1:1 Personal Training studio.

Our popular studio offers sessions of Reformer Pilates or The Model Method with highly qualified and experienced female instructors.

The beautiful New Kings Road studio has a Reformer machine, treadmill, TRX, weights and light equipment to help tailor sessions to specific needs.

After an in-depth consultation all personal training sessions are bespoke and dynamic.


The Model Method

The Model Method is an effective, results-led combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT), reformer Pilates, weight training and plyometrics.

Created by PT and Pilates expert Hollie Grant it has gained notoriety for it’s ‘strong-not-skinny’ basis and for guiding women to healthier, stronger, happier lives.

HIIT has been shown to be highly effective at lowering levels of body fat and reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Pilates and weight training helps to strengthen and lengthen the body creating the strongest of bodies.

The Model Method will help you become the healthiest version of you whilst building your confidence and educating you on your body.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is an effective, safe and reliable workout that builds strength, improves posture and increases flexibility.

The Reformer machine has been used for over 80 years by dancers and athletes to help create a strong, functional body.

Over the last 20 years it has gained huge popularity with the masses who have loved the functional, lean, strong bodies it has given them.

After an initial postural analysis our instructors will tailor your sessions to your body, goals and ability levels

You’ll feel muscles you didn’t even know you had!


Introductory Session £130.00
Single Session £110.00
Pack of 5 £525.00 (£105 per session)
Pack of 10 £1000.00 (£100 per session)
Pack of 15 £1425.00 (£95 per session)
Pack of 30 £2700.00 (£90 per session)


Intermediate Membersip £736.00 per month (£92 per session)
Advanced Membership £1080.00 per month (£90 per session)

Minimum 3-month membership
Sessions not used in any given month will not accumulate / roll over into the next month
Late cancellation rules still apply

For more info or to book a session, please contact us

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Pilates PT, 136-144 New Kings Road, Fulham, London, SW6 4LZ




Hollie Grant is an award winning STOTT Reformer and Mat Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer specialising in functional fitness, posture correction and strength and conditioning.

She is a huge advocate of the 'Strong not Skinny' message and believes exercise is the key to improved mental and physical health. Hollie has created a studio that is private, personal and friendly.

She is the creator of the much-hyped workout technique 'The Model Method' - An innovative, results-driven workout that combines HIIT, body-sculpting Reformer Pilates and metabolism boosting weight training.

As an ex-chef Hollie is against dieting and believes that a strong, functional, flexible body is the key to lifelong wellness.

With her down-to-earth personality and no-bullshit approach to training she has amassed a strong following. Hollie is a contributing fitness writer for Psychologies magazine and is a global brand ambassador for Sweaty Betty.

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Whether you have your own gym, a Reformer machine or simply a yoga mat our highly-trained female instructors will come to you and offer our award-winning training in the comfort of your own home.

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The Model Method online is the closest thing to having a Personal Trainer without the limitations of location. Our 8 week online plan is personalised, targeted and easy to fit into your daily routine.

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