Pilates PT

Your truly personalised fitness and food programme

The Model Method online is the closest thing to having a Personal Trainer without the limitations of location.

Our 8 week online plan is personalised, targeted and easy to fit into your daily routine. After an in-depth online consultation you will be assigned 6 videos to be completed each week. These 15 and 30 minute videos can be streamed anywhere in the world and require no gym membership or equipment.

The videos are a combination of High Intensity Interval Training, dynamic Pilates and Plyometrics guiding you to a stronger, healthier and happier you.

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What You Will Get From Us

Pilates PT

1. The Consultation

  • Quick and easy online questionnaire
  • Analyses current fitness levels
  • Assesses body confidence and goals

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2. The Plan

  • 6 personalised videos
  • 30 minute HIIT
  • 15 minute dynamic pilates
  • Stream on any device at any time

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3. The Book

Co-written with health coach Jenny Millichip

  • 152 page nutrition book ‘Nourish’
  • 22 quick and easy recipes
  • Weekly progress diary

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4. The Starter Pack

In collaboration with Lifebox, everything you need will be sent to you, including:

  • A selection of supernutrient foods and beverages
  • A resistance band

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Get started in three simple steps

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Create your account and complete the online consultation

Await your starter pack in the post and we’ll confirm when your online videos are ready

Complete 1 video per day for 8 weeks

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£100 for your first 8 week plan!

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Try The Model Method For Free

Try The Model Method for free and you will receive:

  • Access to 2 online videos from The Model Method - 1 HIIT and 1 Pilates
  • Preview of our educational cookbook Nourish
  • Regular advice and tips on how to feel amazing everyday