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Your personalised fitness and food programme

The Model Method Online is our online version of The Model Method training programme that we run in studio and at our clients’ homes. It was designed to make the methodology available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time, and uses the same methods and advice that Hollie and her instructors use within the studio.

Intended to be used as a rolling programme, rather than an ‘8 weeks to total fitness’ approach, the programme will be tailored to you and your specific requirements, which will change and develop as you build your levels of fitness and health.

Similarly, Hollie’s ‘Nourish’ book was written with the aim of re-educating our everyday knowledge of how we fuel our body. It doesn’t include any form of diet plan, but instead provides further information on the types of food our body is designed to eat and several recipes that you can create at home to best utilise these different food groups.

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What You Get

Pilates PT

1. The Consultation

  • Quick and easy online questionnaire
  • Analyses current fitness levels
  • Assesses body confidence and goals

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2. The Plan

  • 6 personalised videos
  • 30 minute HIIT
  • 15 minute dynamic pilates
  • Stream on any device at any time

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3. The Book

Co-written with health coach Jenny Millichip

  • 152 page nutrition book ‘Nourish’
  • 22 quick and easy recipes
  • Weekly progress diary

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4. The Starter Pack

In collaboration with Lifebox, everything you need will be sent to you, including:

  • A selection of supernutrient foods and beverages
  • A resistance band

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Get started in three simple steps

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Complete 1 video per day for 8 weeks

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Try The Model Method For Free

Try The Model Method for free and you will receive:

  • Access to 2 online videos from The Model Method - 1 HIIT and 1 Pilates
  • Preview of our educational cookbook Nourish
  • Regular advice and tips on how to feel amazing everyday