What does the consultation involve?

After creating your personal account you will need to complete a thorough online questionnaire. This questionnaire should take around 10-15 minutes to finish but your answers are saved if you log off before submitting – so you can take your time over these questions. Topics covered in your questionnaire include your health, body image and physical measurements. Once you have submitted your questionnaire you will be taken to a payment page to complete your registration. A member of our team will then process your questionnaire and assign your specific videos to your account within 5 days. Your Lifebox will also be dispatched and arrive within 7 days.


What is included in my starter box?

Your box contains all you need to get started on your new, healthier path. Through our collaboration with Lifebox you will receive a box full of the newest beverages, recipe mixes, spices, super nutrients and chocolate as well as on the go nibbles; all designed to make eating pure, wholesome and natural food enjoyable and exciting. It will also include a flexiband to use during your workouts and your ‘Nourish’ cookbook. The ‘Nourish’ cookbook has been written by super-trainer Hollie Grant and health coach Jenny Millichip, and features recipes, nutrition information and a weekly diary for you to complete.


When will my starter box arrive?

Your box will be sent direct from Lifebox. You should receive your box within 7 days. If your box hasn’t arrived within 7 days please email [email protected] quoting ‘The Model Method box’.


How many videos will I receive during my 8 weeks?

After reading through your questionnaires we will assign 6 videos to your profile. These 6 videos should be completed over 6 consecutive days with 1 rest day each week. You will use these videos for 8 weeks and should feel yourself improving and pushing yourself that little harder each time.


How long is each video?

Each week you will have a combination of 30 and 15 minute workouts. Some will be HIIT based, others will be dynamic Pilates based, dependent on your fitness needs. There is also a 10 minute stretch sequence which should be completed after each HIIT routine if time allows.


Can I download the ‘Nourish’ book instead?

On your online profile you will find all the recipes we use in the book for you to use but you won’t have access to the whole book. We advise you to keep your book safe as you will have to pay £10 to purchase a new one if needed.


I have an injury, can I still complete the plan?

We advise those with any ongoing injuries to avoid the plan as it does have high impact elements which would be hard to avoid. If you are unsure then we advise you to speak to your doctor and ensure they are happy for you to be completing high impact HIIT. You will need to email us at [email protected] to discuss this before purchasing the plan and prove that your doctor is happy for you to do so.


I have recently had a baby, am I safe to do the plan?

You MUST ensure you have had the all clear from your doctor before entering into this plan. It is advisable to wait at least 3 months postpartum before carrying out HIIT as your ligaments and joints are more supple and susceptible to injury. You also need to ensure you are not suffering with diastesis recti – ask your midwife or doctor to check this. There is more information online at https://www.nct.org.uk/parenting/exercise-after-birth. Please email us if you are unsure at [email protected].


I suffer with lower back pain, is this suitable for me?

Pilates is usually a fantastic choice for those with back pain as it helps to strengthen the core and support the spine, usually reducing the strain on back muscles. This plan however is not solely Pilates and the high impact nature of the HIIT is not advisable for those with back pain. We do however suggest you speak to your doctor about the potential causes of your back pain and find a local, well qualified Pilates instructor/class.


How can I see my videos?

Once you’ve joined The Model Method Online you can find you videos by visiting the Member Home page and selecting “My Videos”. Don’t forget, until you have completed your consultation and had your videos selected for you, you will only have access to the demo video and stretch video.

How can I see the Nourish book?

Once you’ve joined The Model Method Online you can access Nourish by visiting the Member Home page and selecting “Nutritional Information”. Don’t forget, until you have completed your consultation you will only have access to the sample recipe.

How can I see and update my account information?

Once you’ve joined The Model Method Online you can see and update your account information by visiting the Member Home page and selecting “My Account”.

I’ve joined the 8 week programme, but I don’t have my videos yet, will I have them for 8 weeks?

Yes, once your videos are assigned, your membership will be set to continue for 8 weeks from that point.

What if my account isn’t working?

If you think there might be something wrong with your account, you should Contact Us with as much information as possible.

When I did The Model Method last time, the plan was £120 for 6 weeks, has it changed?

Yes, we recently changed the pricing and length of The Model Method plans after reviewing feedback from a large number of people, as well as the results of those completing the plan. We have decided to try and make The Model Method more accessible to more people, and we felt the extra two weeks were important to make sure people could see the results from their hard work.