Your personalised fitness and food programme

The Model Method Online is an 8-Week training plan and nutrition guide available to women anywhere and at any time.

Designed to change and adapt with your fitness and health, it is not a short-term fix to lose weight. Rather, it is a tailored and personalised plan designed to encourage and re-educate women on healthy fitness and food habits therefore kick-starting a lifetime of healthier and happier living.

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What You Get

You will complete an online consultation form which assesses your current levels of fitness and exercise aspirations. This will be used to design your tailored plan.

Based on your consultation we will assign you six videos to complete each week for 8 weeks: these will be a mixture of Pilates and HIIT.

You will also receive a starter pack. This contains Hollie’s nutrition guide ‘Nourish’, a resistance band for your exercises, and a range of the newest superfoods to kickstart your new relationship with what you eat.

Get started in three simple steps

Create your account and complete the online consultation

Await your starter pack in the post and we’ll confirm when your online videos are ready

Complete 1 video per day for 8 weeks

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£100 for your first 8 week plan!

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Try The Model Method For Free

Try The Model Method for free and you will receive:

  • Access to 2 online videos from The Model Method - 1 HIIT and 1 Pilates
  • Preview of our educational cookbook Nourish
  • Regular advice and tips on how to feel amazing everyday